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How One Vogue Editor Slipped Around Paris Fashion Week in Pajamas


How One Vogue Editor Slipped Around Paris Fashion Week in Pajamas


In today’s edition of What I Wore This WeekArden Fanning shares her past five days—packing light for Paris Fashion Week means pajamas for day, skater staples, and plenty of blue mascara.

I couldn’t possibly check a suitcase on my way to Paris Fashion Week. When daring to leave my biodome home, I want edited options, I want ease, I want the lightest Paravel carry-on bag filled with luxurious silk and mesh staples that roll up teeny tiny. I want just two pairs of shoes that I can walk everywhere in; I want to recycle the same pieces again and again. I want to speed up morning decisions when I’ve sunk into a Jell-O mold of jet lag.

Arriving in the City of Light on Tuesday morning felt like a dream, and I kept just twirling in circles, saying “so much beauty!” and testing my French with “très bien!” I realize now that the only cars I needed the entire time were to and from the airport—even in the windy rain—thanks to layers that kept me spry and Anthony Turner’s Rokh runway hair advice of “if I think about it too much, it becomes too perfect.”

I experienced the most incredible tour of the “Anni et Josef Albers: L’art et La vie” exhibition at the Museé D’art Moderne by Nicholas Fox Weber, its co-curator and founder of the Albers Foundation. The Albers were pure romance: A married couple that followed their arts and hearts (like Cody and me!), and, according to Nicholas, “obsessed” with the aesthetics of their own wardrobes. In the morning, I pin up my little mini bang buns that I like to let down later in the day for a curly tendril surprise, and Spirit Jersey’s organza duster is the right floaty piece to tie around the waist without obscuring my favorite Beach Brains “sharkskin” blue silk shirt.

Kevin Germanier is a kind genius and one of the first designers to imagine and create collections of truly sustainable high fashion—he came from Louis Vuitton’s team before being scouted as a #beadmaster for his own designs. This avatar-cool tube top is his handiwork, and now his accessories line (keep your eye out for his new home goods) is my favorite addition to the house of Germanier. I packed Azikiwe Mohammed’s umbrella that he created for his Big Apple Gifts and Souvenirs shop, which came through for me more than once.

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